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DADA POST Presents:


GIFT SET project 001

Lilly Atkinson - Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty - Benjamin Dittrich - Graeme Durant - Judith Hagan - Stefanie Heinze - Jemma Hind - Eddie Kenrick - Áine McBride - Paul McKee - Jamie McNeill - Frances O'Dwyer - Mike Pratt - Richard Proffitt - David Roeder - Fee Roeder - Jan Roeder - Lorenz Roeder - Andrew Sandercock - Sam Venables

Opening: 7:00pm, October 28th, 2017
Exhibition continues until: Saturday November 11th, 2017

Dada Post

Nordbahnstraße 10 13409 Berlin, Deutschland

Our identities are formed, not only by our experiences growing up - a specific time, or place - but also through the friendships, relationships and knowledge gathered throughout adult life. As we make new connections, alternative associations with people and their ideologies accumulate, generating the rich codes and values that constitute the communities we choose to be part of.

Effort brings together a group of distinct artistic participants from recently established and deep-rooted friendships and communities across several countries. Each comes with an individual perspective on how to meaningfully contribute to lived experience in a world full of irresponsible over-production. Many of the artists re-use and re-purpose mass-produced materials to reveal new ideas, or gather remnants from neglected objects or imagery that instill a revitalised purpose or energy. The work brings forth mystical, practical, humorous, cynical, or empathic urges; each assiduously articulated by the artist who sees potential where there is none. The lo-fi aesthetic and seemingly spontaneous production results from a need to express something directly, whilst making do with the resources at hand.

Whether intentionally or not, making art is an inherently defiant action that shakes the uncompromising reality of the 21st century cultural disposition. Situations are constantly revisited and weighed up to see how much longer a studio can be held on to, a full-time job can be avoided, or whether there are enough opportunities in a town/city/country to maintain a practice. There are always tough decisions to make. At the heart of this exhibition, the first project by GIFT SET, is a group of individuals forging a network of shared enthusiasms and attitudes towards communication, making work and collaboration that will continue to develop into the future.

Effort is doing something to retain the things that are important, work with and against constraints, and change the things we can’t live with any more.


GIFT SET is an independent artist-led collective dedicated to collaboration between artists, musicians, designers, and writers through exhibition-making, publishing, and other special projects. We work from England, Scotland and Ireland. Get in touch with us at

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DADA POST Presents:

Current: On Going Project

Udo Wid: The Perum Project

Udo Wid has a background in Biophysics.

Wid’s projects are simultaneously Biophysics and Visual Art practice. His numerous projects are aimed at a synergy of disciplines: a confluence of Science, Art, Philosophy and Everyday Life.

He studied physics and worked for eight years in the field of Biophysics at
Reactor Research Centre Seibersdorf, and was a guest at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He employs among other things Cultural Theory, Aesthetics, and Philosophy. His scientific specialty is Extreme Low Frequencies.

While exploring the intersections of art and science, The Perum Project collects data from trees, as they themselves interact, through their internal systems, with the environment to detect environmental conditions, such as the amount of sunlight, the various weather conditions, and presence of toxic contamination, all of which have a direct impact on the life of the tree. By transposing the resulting scientific measurements into graphical notations, he thus transforms scientific research into artistic artifacts.

Udo Wid’s ambition is to make art and life become one. By living in his installation for extended lengths of time, during the exhibition, he will be available to visitors for conversation.

Dada Post
Nordbahnstraße 10 13409 Berlin, Deutschland

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For additional information, please contact

Dada Post is now featured on Sleek magazine’s selection of the city’s most interesting art spots, in the form of an iPhone application.


By S-Bahn:
S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station.

If you take the S-Bahn be sure to exit at the Schönholz station – do not exit at the Wollankstrasse station!!!!!!!!!!!!