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DADA POST Presents:

Udo Wid: The Perun Project

Udo Wid has a background in Biophysics.

Wid’s projects are simultaneously Biophysics and Visual Art practice. His numerous projects are aimed at a synergy of disciplines: a confluence of Science, Art, Philosophy and Everyday Life.

He studied physics and worked for eight years in the field of Biophysics at
Reactor Research Centre Seibersdorf, and was a guest at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He employs among other things Cultural Theory, Aesthetics, and Philosophy. His scientific specialty is Extreme Low Frequencies.

While exploring the intersections of art and science, The Perun Project collects data from trees, as they themselves interact, through their internal systems, with the environment to detect environmental conditions, such as the amount of sunlight, the various weather conditions, and presence of toxic contamination, all of which have a direct impact on the life of the tree. By transposing the resulting scientific measurements into graphical notations, he thus transforms scientific research into artistic artifacts.

Udo Wid’s ambition is to make art and life become one. By living in his installation for extended lengths of time, during the exhibition, he will be available to visitors for conversation.

Current: On Going Project

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(Kunstraum) Dada Post has appropriated the Andy Warhol Factory concept, as a model of organization. We are not interested in cultural production per se, as much as we are interested in being an outlet for creative expression and artistic innovation.

As a contemporary art space, (Kunstraum) Dada Post is concerned primarily with the art that reflects the actual meaning of the term: Contemporary Art. We exhibit artists from all over the world, but we are keenly interested in the notion of a Berlin centric practice.

The Dada Post program is an “OPEN FOURM”.

The Dada Post “OPEN FOURM” structure allows for a kind of flexibility and improvisation for our programs.


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